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Sunday, August 20, 2006

So what have I been doing all week?

Let's see-

I cleaned 5 guns after last weekend's shoot with Kenny.

I pressure washed the salt off the truck after the trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats, and apparently killed the grass at the edge of my driveway, all at the same time. I probably should have rinsed the driveway even better than I did... I found a fender lip that will need repainting before the wet season starts though. I wonder if Brent Stevens will warranty a 3 year old paint job.

Mowed the lawn after the boy failed to get it done before trash day.

Put the scooter back together after installing the relays- more to come on that issue.

Moved my cable modem and router in my basement for better internet connectivity throughout the house and my shop. Still don't have the signal repeater that I bought working though. More phone calls to the tech support in Bangladesh seem to be in order to get that working.

Took the BSU and the boy to a therapist visit. (Some) details to follow.

Finally got around to ordering a new scope for my .223 bolt action Savage. (That was on my list of things to do while out of school.) Its not here yet, so details of getting it installed and sighted in will be coming in future posts.

I had a pretty good laugh when I found out that the boy, who spent his last dime buying tickets for himself and the neighbor to the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert, missed most of the concert after they snuck out to have a little toke and were apprehended by Security! They didn't get arrested or ticketed but they did miss most of the concert by the boy's favorite band. Perfect natural consequence if you ask me!

What else? It sure seems like there was more. Saturday's chores included grocery shopping, a trip to Costco for coffee for the coffee bar at work, mailing back some boots for the boy that didn't fit and a haircut, which I did not remember until too late to get trimmed... Maybe I'll go to Great Clips today.

I have been really trying to stay focused on the job during the paying hours so I haven't been doing any posting from the duty location. There are a ton of things I want to get done there so I have to stay focused.

How's that for a week?

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